About Us

About Our Company

Cybotic System is a first generation AI solutions company. We take pride in offering innovative solutions to traditional business problems for both enterprise and Small businesses. We keep our clients satisfaction at the forefront of how we designs our solutions and services

We are strategically located in key locations across the globe with active locations in Austin Texas, San Francisco California, Dubai UAE, London UK, Noida & Indore India

Cybotic System was founded with the idea of offering cutting edge Artificial intelligence powered services to clients in areas of recruiting, sales, marketing and accounting.



Cybotic System thrives as a future ready supplier of choice to businesses looking to up their game with AI driven solutions in field of Sales, recruiting, marketing and integrations. We intend be the category leader in making your SOP’s future proof so AI is no longer a jazz word or creates fear of unknown but compliments your organisations traditional practices by automating parts of it to improve efficiency & success ratio


We’ve designed a successful amalgamation of Human skills with an AI Suite that improves efficiency by a minimum of 35%, sometimes double by faster delivery and stable resources. We are a new age non-traditional organization which focuses on investing in our internal teams so they can invest their time, skills, and knowledge in our client delivery across the globes


1. People First culture - Higher employee retention - Stable client delivery.
2. Investing in New hire training & continuous upskilling - Highly proficient resources with 30% higher productivity and 28% average higher success rate
3. AI support to automate mundane tasks to reduce time of delivery and increase proficiency of results

Why Choose Us

We are a group of seasoned professionals with deep experience in creating innovative solutions using AI & RPA models with a dedicated team

Meet Our Team

Palak Sanjeev Sharma

Vice President People & Finance

Soni Dudeja
Director Operations & Delivery
Gajendra Yadav
Manager Business Operations
David Regus
Sr. Director of Strategy, Consulting, & Sales
Melanie Olsen
Assistant Manager of Business Development.
Shibaan Khan
Business Development Lead
Shahbaz Afghani
Vice President Operations & Client Services